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It has taken a long time for CPI to re-emerge from its position enacted by the terms of the agreement with Brundage & Bone. That day occurred in October and now CPI is back with the same leadership it had during its great years in the pumping industry. John Magee created CPI and he is the driving force behind this new effort.  The form CPI has taken is part of what it was from 1977 to 1999.

The sales aspect of CPI and the contacts we made over the 22 years we were in business is what we are going to promote through our new web site.  Sales was an extremely important part of CPI and now it is the only part we are going to pursue.  In addition to Concrete Pumps we are going to show case Construction Equipment of all kinds from Light Towers to 1000 Ton cranes.  The idea, as it was for the 22 years CPI was in existence, is to create an atmosphere of cooperation with all of the people in the concrete pumping industry to give them a vehicle that will allow them to showcase the pumps or equipment they need to sell.

The website is going to be instrumental for every concrete pumper to advertise these units at no expense until they sell the units. This will allow everyone to gain access to a quality website with no initial costs for the posting of these units.  The sale of the unit will trigger the commission and rental for the website and nothing will be charged prior to this occurrence.

If you would like to see the vehicle we are going to use to promote this concept , come to this site. I think you will find it to be a great website for this type of sales. The plans are to gain top billing in the category and give everyone the website they need to buy and sell equipment. Yes there will be a contract, but it will be set up with the sale triggering all of the charges to the advertiser. If you have an interest in this concept please E-Mail Us.

There was 835,000 inquiries last month at Google about Concrete Pumps.

If you want to talk about this concept Call John Magee at 913-634-6038

Sincerely, John Magee

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